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We sent to Mr.Gene Slater - Slater Financial $1250 in a check dated 5/26/09 to perform loan modification work on our 1st mortgage.

He then requested an addition check be sent, which we did in the amount of $700 dated 6/4/09 for a loan modification on our 2nd mortgage & 3 of our credit cards. He is the brother of someone my husband works with at the police department so we figured we could trust him. After hearing nothing from him for many months, we would call but he wouldn't answer. We'd leave messages and he'd rarely return them.

When he did, it was always some kind of run around, usually stating these things take time or blaming the mortgage company for an error. Finally he told us everything was in and we should receive the final paperwork shortly. It never came. When we inquired about the 2nd and the credit cards, he said he needed to complete the 1st mortgage first and then the others would be simple.

Then several months later, I lost my job. I left him a message stressing how dire the situation had become. No return call. I finally called my mortgage company and after only waiting about 10 minutes on hold was told that they only had record of him calling two (2) times.

I requested from them the documents that I needed to do it by myself and was emailed the forms within minutes. I called and left a message on his home machine. I called his cell phone which he answered. He told me he was sorry that he was unable to perform and complete the deal but that the mortgage company was lying.

He had talked to them several times he said. He then told me that he would return ALL of the money and send a check out shortly. He then called my husband's cell phone and told him the same thing. Weeks went by, no check.

We called and he said he had started a new job and was waiting to get paid but would send the check. NO check. We called again. He then changed his story and said that he'd make payments.

Still NO checks. We called and the story changed again. This time he was upset, stating that he'd worked hard on our case and deserved some of the money and would send us some back. I know he did not work very much on our case because after filling out the forms and submitting the paperwork myself, they were things on there that he would not know and never asked of us!

Still NO check. My husband talked to his brother at work. The brother said he'd give us $1000. To make sure we were clear, we called Gene again and said that was fine but he'd still have to pay the rest and payments were OK.

He didn't want to do that. He wanted only the $1000 to be paid and call it a done deal. We made concession and said we would accept $1500 - $1000 now and $500 in payments. STILL NO CHECKS!

Now I want it all and no deals!He has $1950 of mine and my family's money that he has spent but needs to return since he did not perform the work and said he would return it!!

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